InterAccess is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre that enables artists and the general public to explore the intersections of art and technology.

Our mission is to expand the cultural space of technology.

Our unique combination of exhibition space and production facilities provides a public forum for the development and discussion of artistic practices involving interactivity, networked and remote connection, and the interface of the physical and the virtual. We reach out to our members and public through our diverse programming, including:

  • Exhibitions
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Professional development workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Artist talks
  • Informal gatherings, a.k.a. Open Labs
  • Axon, our weekly e-newsletter

Our programs support electronic art from conception and construction to exhibition and discussion. We explore the impact of technology on the social, political and cultural aspects of contemporary life and encourage audiences to see anew their relationships with interactive artworks.

InterAccess is Ontario's only gallery and production facility devoted exclusively to electronic media art.

Interdisciplinary Dialogue

Our collaborations with a host of local and international organizations — such as the Images Film and Video Festival, the Finnish Foundation, Vtape, ImagiNATIVE, Year01, PING Network, the Design Exchange, the Power Plant, South Asian Visual Arts Collective, and DeWaag — also allow us to exchange ideas, cultivate new perspectives, and further expand the range of electronic media art practice.Our commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue and interdisciplinary method encourages an approach that sees the value of heterogeneity and transformation. Hybrid forms and experimental research are central to our programming vision in both the studio and gallery.

International Programs

Our collaborations with a host of international partners make InterAccess an important node in the global rhizome of electronic media art outlets.

Recent international projects have included:

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